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Welcome to the VAT website - This service enables you to find an intra-Community VAT number quickly and easily. With our service, you can perform fast and efficient searching to find the number of VAT need you.

What is intra-Community VAT number?

The intra-Community VAT number optimizes commercial transactions with the countries of the euro zone. The num of VAT intra is very convenient because it allows you to not to pay VAT in the foreign country.

You are a craftsman or a SME based in France and you have to make a commercial transaction with a supplier based in Germany (or other area countries €)-VAT intra number will help you not only pay the French VAT. You will therefore not have to pay German VAT.

What is a VAT intra number (or intra-Community)?

Intra-Community VAT number - also called VAT intra or NIF (tax identification number) - is issued through your tax centre immediately after taking possession of the RCS. Since 1 January 1993, all based company established in a member country & subject from an individual tax identification number issued by the tax administration has VAT. This VAT number must appear on invoices and statements of exchange of goods, its European services and its VAT returns statements.

All European companies hold an intra-Community VAT number to be exempted from payment of VAT for trade between partners of the European Community.

As supra - VAT dependent European companies an intra-Community VAT number authenticated by the Department of taxation following the allocation of the number of SIRET.

Community VAT intra number being free, our service does not charge it you, but charges you research or verification of Community VAT intra number via the official organization. We offer a practical and easy to use tool to save time and avoid the painful steps. However, you can use the official service available at the following address: If you want to.

What exchanges will be affected by the intra-Community VAT number?

There are two main types of operations concerned by the VAT intra number, import & export.

1. Import : It is to bring products or services from other countries of the European Union toward you, it is characterized by a variety of intracommunity VAT number. The company will then taxed at Customs to the French VAT percentage.

2. Export : If the "we ship many articles destined for a taxable person for VAT in the European Community and that our society remains also subject to VAT that is suitable for an intra-Community supply.

Should I make sure that the validity of an intra-Community VAT number?

Altogether, it is necessary to ensure the validity of its intra-Community VAT number before proceeding with this type of Exchange under penalty of being accused of VAT fraud.

Fraud proven VAT (or anomaly of this VAT intra number), you could be suspected of complicity in the value-added tax fraud, and then you need to justify or to the centre of taxes for a VAT"too much" that you have not even collected.

Our services provide to verify an intra-Community VAT number. Indeed, we wonder, for you, the computers of the European commission to meet your demand and save you time.